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I appreciate all that you and your company does for us at Pizzeria Uno. We are extremely satisfied with your service. I would highly recommend your service to other restaurant establishments.

Al Pagliano (Manager)

We have been using Biotech Drainline Services for a year now and are very happy with their service. When necessary they will clean the interceptor and if I have a problem I know that I can call them and get an immediate response. I would highly recommend using their drainline maintenance service.

Larry Azzi (Owner)

Thanks for the great service. Our drains are running better than ever, and the grease trap is being featured in next month's Better Homes and Gardens. I have touted your accomplishments to my fellow NYS Restaurant Association board members. Keep up the good work!

Jim Andres

I have had drainline problems in this building since the day I opened my restaurant. I was using another drainline system, but nothing was happening! My lines were still plugged with grease. Biotech cleaned out the interceptor and then installed their system. In just a short period of time, I have seen results of their service. I can hear water flowing rapidly through the drainlines once again!

Chef Gordon Clarke (Owner)

Lindburgers Restaurant

Harbor House


We had frequent problems with grease buildup in our main sanitary line on one side of the Food Court. Since we began utilizing your service, we have yet to have any problems with backups in that line. Your "before/after" video showed the progress you have made in cleaning the grease out of the line.

Mike Kauffman (General Manager)

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