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Grease Biodegradation Service

Our monthly service provides you with preventative drain line maintenance. Our service includes the following:

Service Technician facility visitReplenish bacteria container & treat all floor drainsInjection system inspection and maintenanceVisual evaluation of grease trap / interceptor & mechnical agitation of the grease trapConsultation with facility manager concerning the inspectionService report provided on each visit

Drain Line Hydro-jetting

Grease Trap Maintenance

Wastewater flows into the grease trap, down through a series of baffles which slow the flow of water allowing time for the fats, oils and grease to separate and rise to the surface. The grease free water then flows out the outlet into the main sewer line.

Our grease trap pumping and cleaning service uses the 5-sided method. We pump the trap to the bottom and then clean the trap by scrapping all 4 sides and the bottom.

Blast away anything in your drain lines, grease lines and sanitary lines.

Foul Odor Detection & Resolution

We locate the foul odors by performing a smoke bomb test. After discovering the source or the odor we develop a solution plan.

Drain Line Fiber Optic Video Inspection

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your drain actually looks like? What could be causing repeated backups or clogs? What have all the chemicals done to the drains over the years? We can figure it out for you and take guess work out of the picture!

NYS Backflow Testing

We have on-staff NYS certified testers, who are able to inspect and repair, if necessary. We stock normal replacement parts - Watts, Wilkins, Zurn, Conbraco and Febco.

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